Trade Category: AnalyzerSprinkler System Installer

Sprinkler System InstallerWhat you do:

We all know fire can wipe out almost anything if we aren’t smart about the way we protect ourselves. That’s where Sprinkler System Installers come in. They are the people we lean on to make sure buildings of all shapes and sizes have the proper systems in place to stop a fire from growing and spreading.

As a Sprinkler System Installer, you are responsible for designing, assembling and installing water, foam, carbon dioxide and dry chemical sprinkler systems. You’ll also spend a lot of time testing current fire protection systems for leaks and malfunctions, then finding a way to fix them. Many systems can be quite complicated and, as a Sprinkler System Installer, you will be the one standing guard to make sure the system can save buildings and even lives, if needed.

Sprinkler System InstallerCritical skills:

  • Apply WHMIS and WorkSafe BC Regulations
  • Use cutting, brazing, and soldering equipment
  • Project planning according to industry codes, regulations and standards
  • Prepare and assemble sprinkler components
  • Install and maintain water supply and sprinkler systems

Trade Category: Analyzer

Independent, Inquisitive, Logical, Mechanical, Outdoorsy, Persistent, Systematic, Tactile


$73k Annually

$17.00 - $45.00 Hourly

Work hours:

40 hours per week, some nights and weekend work

What you learn:

  • How to read and interpret drawings, specifications and fire codes
  • How to select, measure, cut, ream and thread pipe
  • How to join pipes and piping sections using soldering and welding equipment
  • How to install valves, alarms, controls and associated equipment
  • How to test systems for leaks using air or liquid pressure equipment
  • How to service and repair sprinkler systems
  • How to prepare cost estimates for clients

Who you work for:

As a Sprinkler System Installer, you can work for factories, industrial plants, hospitals, schools or sprinkler system contractors. You could also run your own business.

Types of Workplaces

  • Construction and Maintenance Industries
  • Municipalities
  • Self Employed

Who you‘ll work with:

You’ll be investing in some water-proof gear and be on real job sites with a professional Sprinkler System Installer. Your sponsor will show you how to repair, alter or install automatic, deluge, or pre-action sprinklers. Your work will have serious impact on community safety as you work on systems for fire and first-aid hydrant systems.

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