Trade Category: BuilderSheet Metal Worker

Sheet Metal WorkerWhat you do:

Sheet metal is flexible, durable and lightweight which means it’s perfect for making all kinds of different things. Because of that you can find sheet metal everywhere. It becomes, roofs, siding for buildings, heating and air conditioning vents, cabinets, kitchen counters, shelves, parts of vehicles, road signs and almost anything else you can imagine. As a Sheet Metal Worker, you get to create, assemble and install all kinds of different sheet metal products. Some Sheet Metal Workers focus more on fabricating while others focus more on installation. You need to be good with your hands, be able to pay close attention to detail and have a good grasp of mathematics. If you love the satisfaction of creating real tangible things, this could be a great career for you.  

Sheet Metal WorkerCritical skills:

  • Understand layout and development patterns
  • Fabricate trade related products
  • Install air handling systems
  • Install industrial systems
  • Install architectural and specialty components
  • Maintain service systems

Trade Category: Builder

Athletic, Careful, Collaborative, Dexterous, Mathematical, Mechanical, Precise, Strong, Tactile


$53k - $66k Annually

$16.00 - $34.00 Hourly

Work hours:

40 hours per week, potential for overtime or extended hours

What you learn:

  • How to read engineering and architectural drawings and sketches
  • How to lay out, measure and mark sheet metal according to drawings or templates
  • How to develop patterns for sheet metal using design and drafting (CAD) software
  • How to operate computerized laser or plasma-cutting equipment
  • How to fit and join sheet metal parts using riveting, welding and soldering
  • How to grind and buff seams, joints and rough surfaces
  • How to inspect product quality and installation to make sure specifications are followed

Who you work for:

As a Sheet Metal Worker, you can work for sheet metal fabrication shops, sheet metal product manufacturing companies, sheet metal contractors and other industrial companies.

Types of Workplaces

  • Air-conditioning and Heating Contracting Firms
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction Firms
  • Independent Heating and Air-conditioning Shops

Who you‘ll work with:

You’ll be paired with a skilled Sheet Metal Worker who has experience with fabricating, assembling, welding, installing, and servicing ducting, spouting, fitting cabinets, gutters, copings, flashings, supporting devices and wall systems.

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