Trade Category: BuilderResidential Steep Roofer

Residential Steep RooferWhat you do:

Residential Steep Roofers get to feel on top of the world every day. Working in elevated and potentially dangerous places, these tough yet nimble tradespeople always put safety first.

As a Residential Steep Roofer, your tolerance for heights needs to be, well, high. Residential Steep Roofers climb ladders and scale rooftops while carrying heavy loads to get the job done. Working as a Residential Steep Roofer is most rewarding if you enjoy physical exercise, working with your hands, and taking in the views from the top.

Residential Steep RooferCritical skills:

  • Comfortable working at heights
  • Good manual dexterity and an eye for detail
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team setting
  • Good physical condition and ability to lift heavy objects
  • Interested in working outdoors
  • Comfortable working in varying weather conditions
  • Ability to read and interpret drawings, specifications and manuals

Trade Category: Builder

Agile, Confident, Nimble, Steady, Tactile, Tough


$44k - $54k Annually

$17.50 - $35.00 Hourly

Work hours:

40 hours per week, mostly weekdays

What you learn:

  • How to measure, cut, shape, assemble, and join materials on site
  • How to use safe work practices and procedures on site
  • How to read blueprints and make sense of building codes
  • How to use hand tools, portable power tools, and roofing equipment
  • How to use hoisting, lifting, and rigging equipment
  • How to use ladders and work platforms for climbing
  • How to prepare roofs for replacement and new installation
  • How to prepare and install built-in gutters
  • How to install flat roofing and steep roofing materials
  • How to inspect and repair roofs

Who you work for:

Residential Steep Roofers often work in the construction industry, or for home renovation companies travelling from site to site to complete jobs. Some even start their own businesses, or become self-employed contractors.

Types of Workplaces

  • Construction contractors
  • Roofing companies

Who you‘ll work with:

You will be paired with an experienced Residential Steep Roofer who will ensure that you learn the basics of planning and safety. You’ll continue to perfect your skill level with a variety of industry-specific tools, and gain a deeper understanding of the art of roof framing and maintenance.

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