Trade Category: FixerMotorcycle Mechanic

Motorcycle MechanicWhat you do:

The work of a Motorcycle Mechanic changes with the seasons. When winter arrives and the first snow appears, many riders put their motorbikes in storage and dust off their snowmobiles. No matter what time of year, there’s always someone looking for a tune-up before they hit the road. Motorcycle Mechanics work not only on motorbikes, but all sorts of small, speedy vehicles—think scooters, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). Most of your work will happen indoors on a busy shop floor alongside other mechanics. Every vehicle that comes in is a chance to master a new system and conquer a new challenge.  

Motorcycle MechanicCritical skills:

  • Safe work practices and business procedures
  • Learn to use hand and shop tools
  • Bearing design, construction, and service
  • Wheels, tires, and suspension installation and maintenance
  • Brake, electronic and exhaust systems
  • Gasket and seal construction and service
  • Starting and charging systems
  • Engines, automatic and manual transmission systems
  • Hydraulic, fuel, starting and charging systems

Trade Category: Fixer

Analytical, Detailed, Dexterous, Mechanical, Resourceful, Systematic, Thorough


$44k - $53k Annually

$15.00 - $33.00 Hourly

Work hours:

40 hours per week, may be seasonal

What you learn:

  • How to inspect and test engines and other mechanical components
  • How to repair and replace engines, drive trains, suspension and electrical systems, and more
  • How to adjust and test repaired systems
  • How to perform preventative maintenance

Who you work for:

As a Motorcycle Mechanic, you can work for a motorcycle dealer or retailer, or an independent service company.

Types of Workplaces

  • Independent Motorcycle Repair Shops
  • Motorcycle Dealership Repair Shops
  • Motorcycle Manufacturing Factories

Who you‘ll work with:

Whether someone is planning an around the world trip with their best friend, or popping down to the local coffee shop on their motorcycle, at some point they’re going to need repairs and maintenance for their dream machine or clunker. In learning this trade, you’ll be paired with an experienced Mechanic who can diagnose, repair, adjust, and replace engines, drivetrains, suspension and electrical systems on small to medium sized motorcycles.

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