Trade Category: BuilderMetal Fabricator (Fitter)

Metal Fabricator (Fitter)What you do:

For many people, close enough is good enough. But if you’re a Metal Fabricator, precision is everything. Imagine all the metal products you use and consider how badly they would work if they weren’t built just right. A Metal Fabricator is the person to thank for making sure your metal stuff works well. As a Metal Fabricator you build, assemble and repair products made of steel or other metals for use in a wide variety of manufacturing and construction industries. You could be building something as large as a container ship or as simple as a swivelling chair. Regardless of how small or large the project, you will be dealing with intricate pieces of metal that have to be joined together to create something that works exactly the way it was intended.  

Metal Fabricator (Fitter)Critical skills:

  • Use of trade tools and equipment
  • Solving trade math problems
  • Burning and welding metals
  • Reading and interpreting drawings and specifications
  • Use of structural layout techniques
  • Surface and preparation and finishing methods
  • Fabricate plate and structural sections
  • Metallurgy and testing techniques

Trade Category: Builder

Athletic, Careful, Collaborative, Dexterous, Mathematical, Mechanical, Precise, Strong, Tactile


$44k - $53k Annually

$13.00 - $26.00 Hourly

Work hours:

40 hours per week, potential for overtime or extended hours

What you learn:

  • How to study engineering drawings and blueprints
  • How to determine the type of metal required for the job
  • How to construct patterns and templates as guides for layouts
  • How to assemble and fit together metal using tack welding, bolting and riveting
  • How to set up and operate heavy-duty and computer numerical control (CNC) metalworking machines
  • How to bend, cut, form, punch, drill or otherwise form heavy metal components

Who you work for:

As a Metal Fabricator, you can work for metal fabrication and welding shops, shipbuilding companies, manufacturers of heavy machinery and transportation equipment, and any other industrial company that creates metal objects.

Types of Workplaces

  • Fabrication Shops
  • Welding Shops
  • Structural Steel Manufacturers
  • Heavy Equipment and Transportation Manufacturers
  • Shipbuilding Companies

Who you‘ll work with:

When tradespeople need a specialized part or component custom built, they call in a Metal Fabricator. They are able to turn raw metal into intricate and highly precise components for many different industries. You will be paired with an experienced Fabricator who will show you how to cut, form, shape, weld and press metal.

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