Trade Category: BuilderIronworker

IronworkerWhat you do:

You’ve probably seen an Ironworker at work without even knowing it. They’re the ones on the ground at construction sites, cutting and shaping “rebar” frames for concrete, helping crane operators position their loads, and applying ornamental iron to exteriors. Ironworkers are usually associated with structures like towers, highways, bridges and dams, but they also help manufacture large equipment like aircraft and ships. Whether you are an Ironworker in construction or another industry, you will quickly learn how steel and other types of metal respond in different situations and how to use specialized metalworking machines and welding equipment to bend and shape it how you see fit.  

IronworkerCritical skills:

  • Use of rigging, hoisting and lifting equipment
  • Application of crane work procedures
  • Erect structural members
  • Application of reinforcement, pre-stressing, post-tensioning techniques
  • Maintain and upgrade structural steel and components

Trade Category: Builder

Athletic, Careful, Cautious, Collaborative, Dexterous, Independent, Mathematical, Precise, Tactile


$66k - $95k Annually

$15.00 - $35.00 Hourly

Work hours:

40 hours per week, some overtime and weekends

What you learn:

  • How to read and interpret blueprints, plans and specifications
  • How to unload and position steel units for hoisting
  • How to set up scaffolding, hoisting equipment and rigging
  • How to communicate with crane operators
  • How to align and weld or bolt steel units in place
  • How to set up concrete components and reinforce concrete structures
  • How to examine structure and equipment for deterioration, defects and non-compliance
  • How to take down structures and equipment

Who you work for:

Most Ironworkers work for ironwork contractors in the construction industry, but others help manufacture large items like aircraft, ships, heavy machinery and transportation equipment.

Types of Workplaces

  • Construction Firms
  • Municipalities

Who you‘ll work with:

Ironworkers are usually the ones climbing and assembling structures high above city streets. If it’s welded, riveted or bolted, chances are good that an Ironworker put it together. You will be paired with an experienced Ironworker to make sure you become a safe and capable tradesperson.

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