Trade Category: ArtisanBaker

BakerWhat you do:

A Baker’s day often begins when the rest of the world is still sleeping. While most of us are warm in our beds, Bakers are switching on lights, tying on aprons and firing up ovens in bakeries, hotels and pastry shops around town. As the temperature rises, the room fills with the sweet scent of something tasty. As a Baker, you must be fast and precise, able to produce consistent baked goods under tight timelines. You’ll spend the day on your feet in a warm bake shop, receiving and measuring ingredients, preparing batters and doughs, and moving back and forth between the work table, the mixer and the oven. It’s all worth it when you see a customer’s eyes light up after taking a bite.  

BakerCritical skills:

  • Work safety, food storage and handling
  • Merchandising and sales
  • Apply inventory control procedures
  • Describe baking materials, ingredients, scientific principles and terminology
  • Preparation of breads, yeast products, cookies, cakes and pies
  • Assembly, icing and decoration

Trade Category: Artisan

Artistic, Attentive, Consistent, Creative, Expressive, Imaginative, Independent, Intuitive, Inventive, Mathematical, Organized, Passionate, Precise, Proficient, Resourceful


$33k - $44k Annually

$10.25 - $25.00 Hourly

Work hours:

hours per week, weekdays and weekends

What you learn:

  • How to prepare doughs and batters for bread, pastries, cakes, muffins, cookies and more
  • How to decorate cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats
  • How to ensure consistent quality across large quantities of baked goods
  • How to operate large mixers, ovens and other small-scale industrial equipment
  • How to order, organize and store food safely
  • How to create production schedules and order baking supplies

Who you work for:

You might work alongside other Bakers in a retail or wholesale bakery, lead the baking efforts at a restaurant or hotel, or run your own shop or catering business.

Types of Workplaces

  • Bakeries
  • Restaurants and Coffee shops
  • Hotels and Resorts

Who you‘ll work with:

You will be paired with a Red Seal Baker who will ensure that you are able to follow proper food preparation procedures and help you develop new skills in preparing a variety of baked goods.

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